Sending Emails With Laravel 5 & Gmail

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Sending Emails With Laravel 5 & Gmail

Laravel provides different options for sending emails. Laravel supports both SMTP and PHP’s “mail” function as drivers for the sending of e-mail. Some of the drivers are SMTP, Mail, SendMail, and services suported include   Mailgun, Sendgrid, Mandrill, Amazon SES, etc.

Mail Configuration

Before we can send emails with Laravel 5 we need to configure the config/mail.php file

If you have a gmail account, it’s very easy to send emails using Laravel 5!

First, go to your account dashboard and click on Connected apps & sites

Alternatively, click on this link

Take a look at the Sign-in & security -> Connected apps & sites -> Allow less secure apps settings. You must turn the option “Allow less secure

Once complete, edit the .env file:


That is it. All emails sent through your application will be sent through you gmail account.

Note for some reasons that Google may block this action and send you a mail to verify allowing your server to sign into Gmail.